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Rezo, a song by Giselle World

After the first moments I unexpectedly ended up in Bali in September this year, I fell in love. I fell in love with the beautiful culture, the amazing people it attracts, the beautiful healthy food and the incredible nature! One thing lead to the other and I ended up staying longer so I could join Carlos Romero’s Infinite Circularities yoga teacher training. I have had a big love for yoga and healing arts for a long time, and this immersion into it felt like the best choice I could make. It has showed me in deep and profound ways the art of connection through a journey that leads inwards. During the training we were blessed with live music from Carlos’ musician friends which brought us in a flow state that lead us to yield through the space, entering a dance inwards in perfect harmony with everything around. One of the participants of the training, Giselle, happened to be a musician as well and on many occasions she played her flute or sung beautiful medicinal songs during our yoga practices. After the training Giselle and I decided to go check out a waterfall an hour up north. I jumped on my scooter at 5 am to go meet her so we could be there by sunrise. I took my camera with and she brought some ceremonial “gadgets” so we could take some photographs. Being the first ones there early in the morning lead us to start shooting video’s of her singing and setting up a ceremony honoring the nature around us. I have put all of these shots together and used one of Giselle’s songs to edit it on. The chant in the song is a calling of different plant spirits to come and support the healing. Here is the result…

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